15 to 25 August, 2019

23 December, 2019 to 01 January, 2020


healing love retreat

With the presence of pure love we have the strength to do anything. We feel joyful and alive. Our hearts and souls sing. We are more present to the sounds, tastes, sensations, sights and scents around us.

When love is missing we feel lost, alone, disconnected, dejected, hopeless and self-defeated. 

Love is the great connector between ourselves and others, the earth we live on, the Divine and our own true self - our original essence. 

With the presence of love we have the courage to embrace all of life. We bravely meet its challenges. We experience its joys with our whole self. Our tears fall freely and with great emotion. 

With love, energy flows through our whole being - enlivening us, waking us up. We are like cups overflowing, beaming a love that radiates out into the world to everyone we meet and everything we do.

But there are so many things that block us from opening to the experience of pure love flowing through us - Our past pains and hurts. Traumas. The times we felt unsafe and shut down parts of ourselves to survive or be accepted. 

Some of these are big, and some are small.

But over time, they create a closing in our hearts. Love can’t flow as freely through us. We feel unsafe and even numb to our experiences.

Instead, we find ourselves meeting life with only parts of ourselves. The other parts are shut away for fear of being shamed or judged, hurt again, or taken advantage of.

This is true for our intimate selves too. The closing of our hearts affects our intimate relationship more than anything. And yet it is here we crave the most connection - to be met by another, heart to heart and soul to soul. 

This retreat is a loving invitation into your heart and your body, to heal some of these pains, to start to learn it can be safe to open more fully, to have the lived experience of love flowing through you and connecting you to others and the world around you.

We will do practices and exercises that work with the three levels of the brain - the primal, the limbic and the cortical levels. Without tending to these three, true transformation cannot occur. We will use breath, sound, movement, ritual and talking/sharing in circle to start to open up and heal. We will work top-down and bottom-up to change the way our primal brain and our unconscious experience life - moving out of fear and into love. 

Through these practices we will bring about a greater alignment with our original essence - the part of us that is pure love. We will come closer to embracing our own unique expression and feel the confidence to bring this more fully into the world.


Over ten beautiful days we will journey together.

We will explore love as the great healer and the great opener.

It will be a journey of transformation through love and into greater love.

Together we will: 

  • Dive deep into heart healing and heart awakening practices, to shed heartbreaks from the past and pains from the times we were not loved or not met in the ways our hearts most desired. 

  • Unearth parts that need healing and start to restore the beauty, goodness and true capacity to love of our hearts.  

  • Explore our intimate selves from a place of curiosity and play, and with a sense of honouring, sacredness and wild abandon. We will shed layers of family, religious and societal conditioning that caused us to shut down our true expression. 

  • Learn ways to deepen our intimate experiences - with ourselves and with others - through breath, focus, movement and sound. We will invite in pleasure to rewire and reteach our bodies and our spirits what is possible in this realm. 

  • Learn gentle self-guided ways to release trauma in the body so that we can open to greater aliveness free from the contraction and fear held in our bodies for so long.

  • Re-connect with and surrender to our raw, primal selves - the parts of us that are real, sensational, body-based, and impulsive.

  • Bravely journey into the depths of our shadow to reacquaint and reclaim the parts of ourselves we long ago cut off and pushed into our unconscious out of shame or fear of judgment. Through reclaiming we will create a greater wholeness within and a peace with ourselves and our reality.

  • Explore orgasm and pleasure in a way that is expansive, enlivening and brings about an increased ability to surrender to the moment, to the experience, to love and to life.

  • Learn to embrace and hold ourselves with all our emotions - the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ and to feel ourselves as the container through which life moves and as which we move through life. 

  • Create and come to know in our bodies and our cells an inner sense of safety, belonging and love to carry us out into the world. 

  • Explore practices for connecting to our power as sovereign beings, grounding and strengthening ourselves as we move further into alignment with our original essence - the core of ourselves that chooses life, celebration, aliveness and authenticity again and again.


  • Total Love Practice

  • Intimate Exploration of the Self (Five Stages of Intimacy)

  • Exploring & Incorporating Breath with Intimacy

  • Integrating Trauma

  • Wholeness/ Embracing Our Primal Nature

  • Exploring the Shadow Self

  • Connecting creative Energy for Healing and for Life

  • Exploring Possibilities in pleasure & ecstasis

  • Building an Ecology of Thriving

  • Changing Intimate Identity

  • Intimate Personal Empowerment

  • Shamanic Healing Breathwork

  • Healing Arts

  • Shamanic Healing Dance


Healing Love - Tantra Retreat Course // Welcome Kit // Water Temple Trip //

9 Nights Accommodation in Shared Room // 9 Days Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


EARLY BIRD (maximum 2 months before) : 2000 US dollars

NORMAL PRICE : 2250 US dollars

Students from past Teacher Trainings and Retreats receive a 10% discount

Friends applying together receive a 15% discount


Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. Bali enchants with its dramatic dances and colourful ceremonies, its arts and crafts, to its luxurious resorts and exciting life and everywhere you will find intricately carved temples.


Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport Denpasar (DPS). In terms of costs, it is also worth checking flights to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore and then booking a flight to Denpasar with local airlines like AirAsia, Jetstar, or Tigerair. 

Transfer from the airport is available upon request. We can arrange / provide a taxi for you from the airport to the retreat venue, just let us know.