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Signature Program




A Six-Month Deep Dive to Heal Your Pain, Connect to Your Pleasure and Open Your Heart to Love.


You’ve lived enough of life to know that attracting the partner and relationship of your dreams isn’t just a matter of luck and chance.

You’ve seen over the years how the people you’ve let into your life have been a reflection of what’s going on inside you and how you feel about yourself.

And you’ve realised it’s you that blocks yourself from love - often without even knowing you’re doing it.


Maybe you’re scared of getting hurt again.

Maybe you don’t feel worthy of the kind of love you so deeply crave.

Or maybe you’ve been disappointed so many times in this world of modern dating that you’ve decided it’s easier to instead just focus on being happy solo.

There are so many ways we stop ourselves from opening our hearts to love.


But deep down you feel a painful yearning in your heart to find that soulful, passionate hearts-meeting kind of love.

You want to experience it in this lifetime.

And you deserve to.


It’s possible to heal your pain.

It’s possible to feel your heart relax open and begin to trust that love is on its way to you.

It’s possible to feel your heart swell with pleasure and aliveness and orgasmic bliss at the giving and receiving of love with another.

And it doesn’t have to be all hard work to get there.

Your journey to opening your heart to love can also be pleasure-filled and joyful.


This Deep-Dive Journey is for you if:

  • You worry you will never love yourself to the level you feel is necessary to attract the quality of love you want, and you know this worry is getting in the way of you opening your heart.

  • You worry that your family conditioning has left you damaged and destined to keep attracting unhealthy relationships .. and you feel broken and a bit hopeless.

  • You get scared and overwhelmed by painful emotions so you push them down or numb yourself so you don’t have to feel, yet you know that if you are to open your heart to love you need to learn to feel your emotions.

  • You’re scared of your shadow - you fear it will be too big or too hard to love if you bring it into the light to start to heal what needs healing so you can open your heart.

  • You worry that if you let your nice-girl people pleasing behaviours go then no-one will like you and you’ll be left all alone.

  • You had a dysfunctional relationship modelled to you by your parents and you worry that you wouldn’t know how to create one with someone let alone find the courage and ability to show up fully and meet an emotionally and physically available man heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul.

It’s also for you if:

  • You desperately want to feel a connection with your true self, your body and your pleasure and you know that this connection is key to letting your heart open up to love.

  • You’re sick of being told you need to ‘fix yourself’ and feeling like you will never be enough.

  • You’ve done endless amounts of mindset work but haven’t yet explored your relationship to pleasure and your sexuality.

  • You’re excited by the idea that finding a connection to your pleasure and your sexuality could be a source of healing and energy for thriving in your journey to opening your heart to love.


Hi I’m Stacie,

Five years ago I was brought to my knees in a relationship I felt trapped in but couldn’t work out how to leave.

I desperately wanted to believe he was the problem - after all, his heart was SO CLOSED.

But deep down I had the lingering sense that MY HEART was equally, perhaps even more, closed to love.

He was merely a mirror for my own unhealed pain.

I spent the next five years immersing myself in western and eastern traditions, first for my own healing and then to become certified to work with women like you.

I visited the jungles of South-East Asia and Mexico and numerous healing spaces here in Australia. I explored shamanism, shadow work, sacred sexuality, sacred tantra, Taoism, the divine feminine and divine masculine, archetypal astrology, biodynamic breath-work and trauma release work.

And after all this exploration I finally brought it together in my 600 hour Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin.

My work fuses eastern and western traditions to create a unique and complete system for healing, thriving and opening your heart to love. I combine talk therapy, breathwork, embodiment practices, meditation and visualisation in a way that brings about healing and integration at the cortical, limbic and primal levels.



During our six-months together, you will:

  • Uncover parts of yourself you’ve rejected and identify what they need from you so you can start to come into a state of wholeness and total self-acceptance.

  • Discover how to use self-pleasure as a tool and ally for self love and thriving.

  • Experience how self-pleasure can allow you to tap into surrendered states of openness and the free flow of energy (and love) through your body and bring you into your heart.

  • Experience how self-pleasure can become a source of empowerment, energy and life.

  • Discover a new experience of your worth, power, magnetism and your ability to shine in your full expression of love.

  • Learn how to connect to your difficult emotions in a way that feels safe so they can move through you and express in healthy ways that bring vitality and aliveness to your whole being.

  • Start to let go of people-pleasing behaviours and create better boundaries and standards for who you let into your life and your heart.

  • Learn how to feel safe to let down the walls around your heart so it can relax open, allowing you to truly embody and enjoy the full of experience of giving and receiving love.


Breaking it down…


Session 1

Uncovering and Owning your Deep Desires


Session 2

Building a Strong Foundation of Self Love


Session 3

Clearing Recurring Family Patterning


Session 4

Connecting to and Loving Your Inner Child


Session 5

Learning to Love Your Emotions


Session 6

Revealing and Embracing Your Shadow


Session 7

Thriving from the Inside Out


Session 8

Discovering Your Unique Sexiness


Session 9

Meeting Your Primal Sexual Self


Session 10

Learning Sex Magic for Manifestation


Session 11

Embracing Self Pleasure as Medicine


Session 12

Finding Loving Presence in Times of Challenge


Session 13

Safe, Real, Raw, Connected Relationships





We meet fortnightly for 13 sessions over our 6 months together.

Sessions run for 75-90 minutes and are held via video link on Zoom.


I create meditations and give you personalised visualisation and breath work practices (home-play) to do between our sessions.

You receive Soul-work pdf worksheets to complete between sessions to help you process what we cover and allow you to go even deeper in your transformation.


You have direct access to me in between sessions via messenger and email.

You receive a check-in email between sessions to see how you are going and if any further support is required.

Please note while I am known for my BIG-HEART I am also a BIG advocate for good boundaries - both for my clients to put in place for themselves and in my own life. I like to practice what I preach - therefore I promise a reply within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

*If extra support is required we can discuss this during our time together.


If you join this program by February 28th you will receive two bonus 90 minute sessions (valued at AU $1500).

You can use these at the end of our time together as a fabulous way to further integrate what we cover. Alternatively you can gift them to a friend!

Note: Gifting may only be done after the program is paid in full.